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An hour with Dr. Angelina Castagno: The Price of Nice: How (Minnesota) Niceness Reinforces Educational Inequity

  • 28 Sep 2020
  • 8:50 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Virtual via Zoom (link will be included in your registration)


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Join MESPA leaders for a keynote by Dr. Angelina Castagno!

As a part of MESPA's 2020 Leadership Conference, Dr. Angelina Castagno will be presenting "The Price of Nice: How (Minnesota) Niceness Reinforces Educational Inequity." All MESPA members are invited to attend this free keynote! Register in advance by clicking the "Register" button on this page!

The Price of Nice: How (Minnesota) Niceness Reinforces Educational Inequity

Despite their good intentions and the general Niceness among educators, most schools in the U.S. contribute to inequity every day. How does this happen? And what might be done about this paradox? In this keynote, I address these questions so that the audience can examine their own role in patterned educational inequities, and specifically, how Niceness may be getting in the way of efforts to advance equity at the school and district level. I will offer a definition of Niceness, illustrate what Niceness looks and feels like in schools, and offer some ways to begin to identify and disrupt Niceness among educators.

All MESPA members are invited to attend this free keynote!

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~8:45am: Welcome and morning announcements (official start time TBA)
9:00am: Keynote presentation
10:00am: Closing

10:15am: MESPA Leadership 2020 continues (for MESPA's board and committee reps)

About the presenter

Angelina E. Castagno, Ph.D., is the Executive Director of Just Perspective, LLC, as well a Professor of Educational Leadership and Foundations at Northern Arizona University (NAU). She is a former Director of the Ethnic Studies Program at NAU and has spent over a decade researching and teaching in the areas of diversity and equity across the educational spectrum (early childhood through graduate education). Her expertise lies especially in the areas of race and whiteness in education, as well as in American Indian education. She has given keynote presentations, facilitated community dialogues, and presented at various schools and districts on issues of diversity and equity. She has also served as lead program evaluator for multiple non-profit educational programs, district efforts, and federally-funded programs in both K12 and higher education settings.

Dr. Castagno has published in highly respected academic journals and regularly presented as national and international conferences. Her books include Postsecondary Education for American Indians and Alaska Natives: Higher Education for Nation Building and Self-Determination (co-authored with Brayboy, Fann, and Solyom); Educated in Whiteness: Good Intentions and Diversity in Schools; and The Anthropology of Education Policy: Ethnographic Inquiries into Policy as Sociocultural Process (co-edited with McCarty). Her newest book project, The Price of Nice: How Niceness Perpetuates Educational Inequity, is an edited volume exploring the concept of Niceness in schools and universities across the U.S.


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