MESPA State Officers

Congratulations to our next NAESP State Representative: Kenny Newby!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this election!

Kenny will take office on July 1, 2022.

2021-2022 MESPA State Officers

Jason Luksik
MESPA President

Lincoln Elementary

Lisa Carlson

MESPA President-Elect

Woodland Elementary School


Ashley Farrington
MESPA Secretary-Treasurer

Birchview Elementary School

Dawn Brown

MESPA NAESP State Representative
Washington Learning Center

Eric Skanson
MESPA Past-President

Cold Spring Elementary School

For more information on MESPA's State Officers please visit the member directory here.

Being a MESPA State Officer is a blast! from lobbying on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to visiting schools around the state, there's never a dull moment. Check out the video to the left to hear former MESPA Secretary/Treasurer Jen Olson discuss highlights from her first year on the Executive Committee!

Officer Election Procedure


MESPA elections will occur in odd numbered years, as stipulated by Article V, Section 2  in our Bylaws, for President-Elect and Secretary/Treasurer no later than 15 calendar days after the MESPA Annual Meeting (February). Elections for the NAESP State Representative will be held in conjunction with MESPA officer elections.

The success of our association begins with the election of quality leadership. Exercise your membership right and vote for the MESPA candidates you believe will best represent your needs as an elementary or middle-level principal, and who will continue to assist in the development of strong association programs within the framework of our strategic goals.

Election procedure

Elections are conducted in accordance with our Bylaws (Article V, Section 2). This will be an electronic election process.

  • An electronic ballot will be e-mailed to all active MESPA members no later than 15 calendar days following the MESPA Annual Meeting. Voting will continue no longer than 30 calendar days following the MESPA Annual Meeting.
  • Votes will be tabulated electronically and verified by the MESPA Election Committee
  • Election results will be announced on the MESPA Web site and in the MESPA E-News.

Terms of Office

MESPA President-Elect: five-year commitment
  • Two years as MESPA President-Elect
  • Two years as MESPA President
  • One year as Past President
MESPA Secretary/Treasurer: two-year commitment
The officer can be re-elected one time, for a two-term maximum.

NAESP State Representative: three-year commitment The officer can be re-elected one time, for a two-term maximum.


Learn about your candidates
Once candidates have been nominated (by September of election years), statements from each candidate will be posted on this site in early December.

Meet the candidates
During election years, you can meet the candidates at the MESPA Institute in February. Candidates will have an opportunity to speak during this conference.

For more information on leader responsibilities, visit the Leader Responsibilities Page.
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