The Elementary Principals Action Committee is the political action arm of MESPA. The political action committee is affiliated with MESPA, but is not a part of the association. Contributions to the EPAC fund support legislative advocacy for the MESPA legislative platform.

For legislative information, visit the EPAC sponsored Legislative Advocacy Center.

For EPAC Committee information, visit MESPA's committee page.

Committee Chair
Dr. Susan Risius, chair
Royal Oaks Elementary

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Contributions to the EPAC fund support MESPA Legislative Advocacy.  The top priorities in the 2015 Legislative Platform are:

  1. Adequate sustainable funding.
  2. Full-time licensed principal at each school site.
  3. High-quality, school-based, early  learning PreK-4 literacy programs.
MESPA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization

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