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MESPA Division Leadership Award

The Division Leadership Award is an annual recognition made by each of the 12 MESPA divisions and the Retired Principals of MESPA (RPM). The award expresses appreciation to the many outstanding individuals in the principalship who have contributed generously to improving education, their communities, and their profession. They serve as role models and sources of inspiration to other principals and educators.

Any MESPA member may nominate a peer for consideration; Division Presidents then facilitate the selection process within each division. 

Congrats to our 2019 Division Leadership Award Recipients

13 MESPA Division Leadership Award Winners, pictured Left to Right: (top row): Jason Luksik, Dr. Lloyd Winfield, Taber Akin, Be Vang, Gina Meinertz, Toni Jo Stamer-Baartman, Kari Wehrmann, Barbara Shin; (bottom row): Kate Flynn, Julie Greiman, Dr. Amy Reed, Debra Reynolds; (not pictured): Jason Kuehn

To read the press releases, go to the Divisions Page and select the division you would like. The press releases are listed under division news. 

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