MESPA is a collaborative, grassroots association serving Minnesota elementary and middle level principals. MESPA has represented Minnesota principals since 1950, and is affiliated with the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and its 20,000 members nationwide. MESPA supports its members with:

  • Professional development for professional leaders
  • Legal and legislative advocacy
  • Communications customized to the needs of education leaders
  • Honors, recognition, and public relations
  • Minnesota School of Excellence program grounded in national standards

MESPA spans the state with 12 regional divisions. Find out more about MESPA's mission, purpose, and structure, including Committees, Divisions, State Officers, and Board of Directors, below. 


The Minnesota Elementary School Principals’ Association strives to be the premier leadership resource for elementary and middle level principals and a strong leading voice for public education. MESPA is committed to ensuring a high quality education for all children through strengthening and enhancing the principal’s role as educational leader in our schools.


Improve education for Minnesota students through collaboration and advocacy

Unite current, past, and future licensed elementary and middle level principals

Encourage and support a cooperative relationship between MESPA and other state/national organizations, and

Advocate for the professional, ethical, economic, and social welfare of it members.


MESPA has eight statewide committees. Each committee has a chair appointed by the MESPA president and includes a representative selected by each MESPA division. Click here to learn more.


MESPA spans the state of Minnesota with 12 regional divisions. Each division holds regular meetings to network and address the needs of its members. Click here to learn more.

State Officers

MESPA State Officers include the President, President-Elect, Past- President, NAESP State Representative, and the Secretary/Treasurer. Click here to learn more about who's serving you.

MESPA Structure

MESPA is made up of 12 regional divisions that cover the entire state.

You are represented by a Board of Directors consisting of:

  • Elected statewide officers - president, president-elect, past president, secretary/treasurer, NAESP state representative
  • Division presidents and presidents-elect (from each division).
Within that framework, MESPA has 8 statewide committees and a Federal Relations Coordinator. Each committee has a chair appointed by the MESPA president and includes a representative selected by each division:
  • Communications Committee
  • Educational Advisory Committee
  • EPAC (the political action arm of MESPA)
  • Legislative Resolutions Committee (working with the Federal Relations Coordinator and EPAC)
  • Membership Committee
  • Minnesota School of Excellence Program Committee
  • Negotiations Committee
  • Financial Awareness Committee

"MESPA is not just being a member of a high calibre association. It is about belonging to an organization that cares about its members in a professional, caring manner. It is about protecting rights and advancing education for students (as well as its members). And, it is a terrific way to connect with colleagues who share a common goal!"

- Tim Bell, principal, Five Hawks Elementary

“MESPA has been a wonderful resource of information in regards to what is best for students, instruction, and leadership and the opportunities for continual learning are endless.  Not only do I appreciate the educational value of the membership, but the relationships that I have developed through MESPA are invaluable.“ 

Dawn Brown, principal, Washington Learning Center
MESPA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization

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Roseville, Minnesota, 55113
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