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"The Minnesota School of Excellence program clearly connects the education process to student learning." 

MESPA developed this research-based program aligned with national standards in: leadership, vision, student learning, the culture of adult learning, data and decision-making, and community engagement. MESPA endorses schools whose principal, staff, students, and community -- working as a team -- demonstrate the desire to strengthen education by successfully undertaking the Minnesota School of Excellence program. This school improvement process is recognized by the Minnesota Department of Education and the National Association of Elementary School Principals. It involves a systematic program of self-study, development of a school improvement plan, and implementation of the plan based on demonstrated results.


2023-2024 Timeline

Letter of Intent due October 28, 2022: The letter of intent indicates you are interested in pursuing MESPA's MN SOE Process. The letter of intent should also indicate whether you plan to take 1 or 2 years to complete the SOE process (though this may change later). View MN SOE Program Guidelines (includes sample letter of intent).

Applications due June 1, 2023: Submit Part 1 (Self-Study) and Part 2 (Build and Plan) with $100 application fee payable to MESPA. (Click links above to download application part 1 & 2). Looking for Google Form versions? Contact mespa@mespa.net for a Google Forms copy of Part 1 of the application.

 Letter of Intent due October 3, 2015: The letter of intent indicates you are int
SOE Committee Contact Info
Tami Staloch-Schultz, MN SOE Chair  952.431.8380, tami.staloch-schultz@district196.org

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Dianne Dohmen, MESPA Staff Contact 952.297.8672, dianne@mespa.net
"It takes commitment and teamwork to honestly and thoroughly assess areas of strength and at the same time identify a plan for continual growth. The SOE process asks the entire school community – parents, students, staff, administration, and more – to reflect on and celebrate the collaborative work being done in school communities. Schools that receive validation have had important data-driven conversations about what a high-quality, modern learning experience should be for all students and have plans to make that learning experience a reality for many years to come. Honoring the important work of dedicated staff, eager students, and supportive communities is an essential component of becoming a School of Excellence." 
-- Tami Staloch-Schultz, Westview Elementary School Principal, MN School of Excellence Committee Chair

Congratulations to our 2022 Validated Schools:
 Congratulations to our 2019 Validated Schools:Congratulations to our 2019 Validated Schools:
    Kasson-Mantorville, Kasson-Mantorville SchoolDistrict, Principal: Ariana Wright
    Oak Hills Elementary, Lakeville School District, Principal: Dr. Wade Labatte
    Hawthorne Elementary, Albert Lea School District, Principal John Mahal
    Sebeka Public School, Sebeka ISD 820, Principal Amie Westberg

    Past School of Excellence Celebrations

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