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Lexia Learning -- Champion partner
Established with the promise of improving student literacy through technology. Lexia has helped millions of students build their foundational reading skills.

Lexia Reading focuses on establishing students' reading skills at the earliest levels -- PreK-Grade 3, and helps students in grades 4 and above who are having difficulties. Lexia Reading's system of practice, assessment, and instruction provides educators with predictive performance measures and prescriptive intensity of instruction to improve reading outcomes. Visit us at

Lexia Reading, the technology-based,
award-winning reading program.

  • PreK-Grade 3:  Get all your students to learn to read!
  • Grades 4-12:  Help those students who are having difficulty with their reading skills.

Why Minnesota educators recommend this program for their PreK-grade 3 students.

"Lexia has been a tremendous tool to assist in the development of foundational reading skills at our school. The feedback given to students and teachers makes it fantastic for constant formative assessment. The level of monitoring student progress is almost as if the teacher is sitting one-on-one with each student. When intervention is needed, the teacher is notified in a timely manner by the Lexia monitoring software. A professional judgment can quickly be made about the type and amount of redirection that specific students need to address their challenges.  The students enjoy the program and many choose to use the home access option. Often students are doubling and tripling at home the amount of time they use the program at school."
Tom Berg, Principal
South Washington County Schools
Armstrong Elementary

Lexia Reading fulfills many of the requirements for each of the federally funded education grants listed here, as well as the criteria for the i3 fund, which is the only competitive grant that the Federal Government offers.

To learn more about Lexia

Contact Dennis Walsh:

Empower Teacher Effectiveness with Lexia Reading Core5.
To achieve a higher level of effectiveness, teachers must be able to efficiently gather and use data to understand student profiles and deliver the instruction they need. There are five key factors that will help to empower teacher effectiveness:

  1. Understand the pedagogy and how to effectively use instructional materials.
  2. Understand which assessments will define the profile of student ability and trajectory.
  3. Connect student data to the appropriate intervention strategies.
  4. Incorporate the right instructional materials for each student’s needs.
  5. Establish a consistent process.

View a brief video
on how Lexia Reading Core5 helps empower greater teacher effectiveness, visit Lexia in MESPA Business Partners.

Oral language and reading
Oral language is a predictor of future academic success. Learn how researchers suggest approaching oral language instruction, particularly in ELL and Title I populations where socioeconomic status and home experiences result in a growing academic gap. Lexia helps high-risk students close the gap and advance one or more grade levels within one year.

Get your free whitepaper on “The Critical Role of Oral Language in Reading for Title I and ELL Students." 

Do you address the 6 components of reading instruction?
Download your FREE overview documents detailing the role of phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension in learning to read and spell.

Go further with your funding: use government funds for Lexia Reading.
The challenge: You want the resources to help all students read proficiently, but where will the money come from?

The solution: Lexia Reading® is aligned to the requirements of Title I, IDEA, and other government funding criteria. You can apply that funding to the purchase of Lexia Reading for the 2012/2013 school year. To learn more, scroll to the Lexia Funding Alignment PDF below.

Why Lexia: Lexia Reading is a technology-based, research-proven reading program that provides individualized learning and embedded assessment to help students pre-K through 3rd grade improve reading skills and finish at end-of-year reading benchmarks. It is an essential component to every reading curriculum that: includes norm-referenced embedded assessment that predicts end-of-year performance and prescribes instructional strategies; puts new technology in the hands of educators (Lexia Reading for the iPad®, the first data-driven reading app, will be available in late 2012); features fun, engaging, and age-appropriate activities that align to the Common Core State Standards for ELA.

To learn more:
contact Stephanie Williams
800-435-3942   ext 260

See why other MN elementary schools find Lexia to be
"A tremendous tool to assist in the development of foundational reading skills."

View a FREE product tour or join a FREE Webinar to find out more.