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Follow-Up: Institute 2013

Where did principals go in February?  MESPA Institute! We laughed, we learned, and we were inspired to be more effective leaders and improve student learning.
We loved Michelle Krell and Rae Villebrun welcoming us as the Fairy Godmother and Dorothy in the land of Oz, i.e., Institute.
We appreciated Commissioner Cassellius' presence, both in opening our second general session and in joining our awards banquet. We all got her cell number, should we have any education concerns, and her quote from Sen. Wellstone set the tone: “We all do better, when we all do better.”
We heard Roger Aronson tell us that education goals put before last year’s Legislature are “deader than disco.”
Mark Scharenbroich reminded us that the favorite day of the year for students is THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, and gave us guidance in rising to their expectations.
Dave Weber reminded us that if we look ahead and don’t like where we’re going, and look back and don’t want to return to where we’ve been, we need to step off the path; we have the power to create our true north and know where we’re headed.

And now it's time for follow-up.
  • Mark Scharenbroich:   (keynote)  Nice Bike...The Drive to Improve Student Achievement.
  • Ruby Takanishi:   (keynote)  Crucial Principal Leadership in Primary Education.
  • Dave Weber:   (keynote)  Leadership Redefined: Who is a leader?


"iPad for Administrators: Taking It Up a Notch:" focus session Prezi presentation by Caroline Little

"Technology Integration in the Principal Role":  focus session Prezi presentation by Michelle Wang

Words to a musical medley, sung in tribute to retiring MESPA Executive Director P. Fred Storti
Getting Your Staff On Board and Keeping Them There: focus session presentation by Gary Anger.
A True Everyday Math Curriculum: focus session presentation on flipped classroom by Ryan Christensen.
Chrristensen handout.
Using Power Walkthrough to Enhance Instruction: focus session presentation by Karen Coblentz.
Rethinking Reading Development from PreK-3rd Grade: focus session by Dr. Bonnie Houck
Handout for Houck focus session.
Handout for Houck focus session.
Conferring and Reflective Coaching Proactice to Enhance Effective Literacy Instruction: focus session presentation by Dr. Bonnie Houck and Sandi Novak.
Handout for Houck/Novak focus session
Handout for Houck/Novak focus session
Handout for Houck/Novak focus session
Handout for Houck/Novak focus session
Handout for Houck/Novak focus session
MN Principal Evaluation Pilot: focus session presentation by Gregory Keith
Handout for Keith focus session
Top 6.5 Things Holding Back Student Achievement in Mathematics: focus session presentation by Emily Larsen and Sara VanDerWerf
Handout from Larsen/VanDerWerf session
Preparing for Retirement: focus session presentation by Richard McLeod
Assessment, The Common Denominator: focus session presentation by Deborah Meyer
Join the Ranks of the MN School of Excellence: focus session presentation
Weaving a Good School into a Great School: focus session presentation by Donna Montgomery
Developing a Creative Collaborative Leadership Team: focus session presentation by Barb Reinke, Daniel Gabriel, and Elwyn Ruud
Building Connections: focus session presentation by Mark Scharenbroich
Leadership in Early Childhood Education: keynote presentation by Dr. Ruby Takanishi
Handout for Takanishi keynote
Handout for Takanishi keynote
Technology Integration in the Principal Role: handout from focus session by Michelle Wang
Leadership Redefined: keynote presentation by Dave Weber
Using an RTI Framework to Ensure Success: focus session presentation by Dr. Barbara Wilson, JoAnne Torp, Laura Gores, and Johna Anderson
Handout from RTI Framework focus session

Image Gallery: MESPA Institute 2013
Learning for All, Whatever It Takes Feb 6-8
MESPA Board members at the Feb 6th Board meeting. MESPA Board members at the Feb 6th Board meeting. Ken Dragseth speaking at the MESPA Board meeting on Feb 6, 2013. See all 20 images.

Image Gallery: MESPA 2013 Awards
Photos from the MESPA Awards Banquet, 2/7/2013 (photos by Lifetouch)
MESPA Past-Presidents honoring outgoing MESPA Executive Director P. Fred Storti:  (l-r) Dick Oscarson, Kris Stueve, P. Fred Storti, Pat Murray, Jon Millerhagen. l-r: MESPA Science Museum Maija Sedzielarz (MN Science Museum) presenting 2013 Science and Mathematics Principal of the Year to Diane Moeller. Principals leading schools receiving 2012-2013 MN School of Excellence validation and award presenters: back row (l-r) Jason Grovom, Tom Cawcutt, Dan Adams, Kelly Lessman, Brent Brunetta; front row (l-r) MN Commissioner of Education Brenda Cassellius (presenter), Jan Anderson, Rae Villebrun, Carolyn Hartwigsen, MN School of Excellence Program Chair Laura Pierce (presenter) See all 7 images.


For copies of Institute presentations, scroll to the left.

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Institute photos!
For slideshows of Institute 2013 events, scroll down.

Pictured above: Donald Gault on guitar and Kara Millerhagen singing a musical tribute to MESPA Executive Director P. Fred Storti.   For lyrics to the medley, scroll to the left.

For award photos, scroll down.

Pictured above: MESPA past-presidents honoring outgoing MESPA Executive Director P. Fred Storti.