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Principal Mentorship Program

Program Includes:

  • Regular connections and support from two mentors

  • Cohort mentoring from an experienced principal (5:2)
  • Monthly connects and workshops
  • $500 for a school year of support
  • First workshop is 2 days: July 30 and 31


of participants recommend this program to new principals

Topics Covered:

  • Your First 90 Days: success strategies for new leaders
  • Importance of relationship building
  • Month to month checklist
  • Rounds
  • Developing a Positive Building culture
  • Leadership tools to increase your impact
  • Responding to challenging parents, students and staff
  • So much more!

Why Join?

Mentors are

Experienced Principals

Experienced principals bring a wealth of practical knowledge and seasoned leadership insights into the intricacies of school administration. Their guidance not only accelerates your professional growth but also provides a unique opportunity to navigate the complexities of educational leadership with wisdom gained from years of hands-on experience.

Make Connections with Other School Leaders

Using a cohort model is a perfect way to make connections and find a community where you belong. You'll connect with other newer school leaders who share similar goals and challenges. This collaborative environment fosters a sense of camaraderie, allowing mentees to learn not only from your mentors but also from the diverse experiences of your peers. 

Learn about Essential Topics

The program promises outstanding content, offering a holistic approach to professional development. With a curriculum encompassing not only personalized mentorship but also diverse workshops on topics such as special education, cultivating positive and effective feedback mechanisms, you can expect a well-rounded and enriching learning experience to propel their careers in educational leadership.

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