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Renaissance® is a leader in pre-K–12 learning analytics—enabling teachers, curriculum creators, and educators to drive phenomenal student growth. Renaissance’s solutions help educators analyze, customize, and plan personalized learning paths for students, allowing time for what matters—creating energizing learning experiences in the classroom.

The platform includes interactive student practice activities aligned to state standards, teacher resources such as progress reports and inquiry-based lesson plans and an administrator dashboard. 

With Freckle’s wide variety of high-quality teacher lessons and student activities, teachers can differentiate not just what students learn, but how they learn it, engaging students in topics that already interest them and guiding them to learn in ways most effective for them individually.

The most comprehensive pre-K–12 interim and formative assessment suite available, Renaissance Star Assessments® delivers the valid, reliable screening, progress monitoring, and student growth data you need to make informed decisions.

Guide greater student growth as you lead students toward mastery of state-specific learning standards for reading, math, and early literacy.

Renaissance Star Assessments® take about one-third the time of comparable assessments—giving teachers more time for instruction, students more time for practice, and administrators more control over the calendar.

Renaissance Star Assessments® are highly rated by the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII).

Renaissance myON® Reader is a student-centered, personalized literacy program that gives students access to more than 6,000 enhanced digital books. Titles are dynamically matched to each individual student’s interests, grade, and Lexile® reading level. Combined with a suite of close reading tools and embedded supports, myON Reader fosters student engagement and achievement.

  • Renaissance myON Reader™ gives students access to more than 6,000 enhanced digital books.
  • Students can access content 24/7/365 online or offline.
  • Educators can match their students with the right book at the right Lexile® reading level, based on their individual interests.
  • Educators gain visibility into each one of their student’s reading progress and can see what books students have opened, books read, time spent reading, and much more.
  • A highlighting tool, notes, and stickable emojis related to literacy within Renaissance myON Reader™ help students develop close reading skills.

Renaissance myON News™ delivers age-appropriate news articles for students, reporting on timely topics and current events. Articles incorporate engaging multimedia—videos, slideshows and photo galleries—to help students better understand the news. 

  • 5 articles daily, written at 3 different lexile levels
  • Available in English, Spanish and French with optional audio support
  • Vetted by a child psychologist
  • Real-time data provides visibility into student engagement

Renaissance Accelerated Reader® helps teachers to motivate, appropriately challenge, and drive accountability with each student as they engage in personalized reading practice with self-selected books. Rich performance data provides educators with powerful insights to help guide each student towards higher reading growth.

myIGDIs assessments deliver actionable data to measure kindergarten readiness and developmental growth of your preschool learners.  Maximize the growth potential of your youngest learners with insights into how well preschool children are developing the literacy, numeracy and social-emotional concepts necessary for academic success. 

myIGDIs are a set of CBM assessments used to identify children at risk of poor learning outcomes and monitor their progress toward development goals. Quickly assess each student in about ten minutes for the accurate and reliable data you need to make instructional and kindergarten readiness decisions with confidence.

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