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PD Recording - Resilience for Educators:    

Stress Management Techniques for Reducing Physical Tension, Quieting the Mind, and Igniting the Higher Self

Current MESPA members can access this 2-part training, recorded in November 2020! Contact the MESPA office at mespa@mespa.net for the access codes and handouts!

Part 1: An Integrative Paradigm for Emotional Health 

  • Stress, Emotions, and A Whole Health Formula For What We Do With Them—What are emotions and what do we do with them? Why are we designed to have them? What are sources of stress and how is stress unique for educators?

  • Physical, Cognitive, and Inner Resilience—What lifestyle habits cultivate resilience? How do we make these habits more fun? How do we quickly access our higher selves when facing stress? What does resilience look like on a typical work day?

Part 2: Emotional Management Techniques for Tough Situations 

  • Skill 1: Getting out of a rut—An easy exercise for shifting thoughts and actions when you’re feeling stuck emotionally
  • Skill 2: The 1-2-3’s of Empathy—How to efficiently and effectively support and empower others (minimal energy required!)
  • Skill 3: Boundary setting made easy—Creative ways to say “no” or de-escalate an argument
  • Skill 4: Waking up your highest self—A lifestyle exercise to awaken your sense of purpose, vitality, and spirit

About the Presenter

Heidi Kopacek is a licensed psychologist who practices a holistic approach to emotional health. Her integrative mind-body-spirit therapy focuses on soothing and healing the body, challenging the fear of the mind, and helping her client’s live in a way that wakes up their deeper sense of joy and purpose in life.

Dr. Kopacek is a registered yoga instructor who teaches both restorative and vinyasa yoga practices. She is also a certified health coach with the Integrative Institute of Nutrition. Author of the book Soothe: Your Mind Body Spirit Guide for Dealing with Crappy Emotions, Dr. Kopacek has travelled and taught on mindfulness, yoga, and a whole health approach to resilience.

Watch Part One of Dr. Heidi Kopacek's presentation, Resilience for Educators.

Originally presented live via Zoom on November 5th as a MESPA professional development event.

Watch Part Two of Dr. Heidi Kopacek's presentation, Resilience for Educators.

Originally presented live via Zoom on November 6th as a MESPA professional development event.

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