MESPA Speaks 2017

There's no way the 2017 MESPA Speaks presenters could reach the same level of epic-ness as last year's presenters, right? WRONG! These eight amazing MESPA Speaks videos will knock your socks off with their inspiring, motivating, and moving messages! #MESPAmn 

MESPA Speaks 2016 

At MESPA Institute 2016 we asked our members to share their stories in short, inspirational talks. And WOW did they deliver. MESPA Speaks was a phenomenal success. Take time to watch these 5-10 minute videos from your colleagues. We promise, you won't be disappointed! #MESPAmn 

From Burger King to King of the School - Billy Chan

Why I am a Principal - Mark Ziebarth

Principal as Leader Learner: It Begins with Self-Awareness - Tracy Reimer

Feed the Teachers So They Don't Eat the Kids - 
Karen Keffeler

Social Leadership - Jenny Hill

READ READ READ, Principal Book Clubs - Tom Benson

Fearless: Performance & Speech - Kat Perkins

Renegade Leadership - Brad Gustafson

Forever Beta School Improvement - Craig Anderson

Thank You to Lifetouch!

Thank you to Lifetouch Communications for capturing MESPA Speaks! Whether your district is experiencing distinguished test scores or is in need of passing a bond referendum, Lifetouch Communications can help tell a compelling story. To learn more, visit

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