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Scott Anderson
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As an evidence-based K-12 model, Leader in Me grows personal leadership in students, educators, and families, and equips them with the life skills and resilience needed to thrive, adapt, and contribute in a dynamic world.

Leader in Me schools in over 55 countries teach SEL using a comprehensive Inside-Out approach beginning with the adults before expanding into the classroom and the home. We have curriculum and resources to support teachers and students in online learning and in-person instruction. It is built on the timeless universal principles of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® which closely align with CASEL’s Core SEL Competencies.

Leader in Me is a CASEL SELect program and can help with the following current educational challenges and more:

    • Adult SEL
    • Student SEL
    • Family Engagement
    • Wellness
    • Equity
    • Managing Change
    • Virtual Learning Effectiveness

To learn more, contact Scott Anderson.

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