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December 2012 (vol. 42, no. 2)
In this issue:"Take a look at any group of kindergartners on the playground. Not one has a title, but there is definitely someone in charge, influencing what is going on. While most people traditionally look to the top of an organization or department for leadership, the highest performing groups in companies, schools, clubs, or sports teams have members who demonstrate leadership at every level. These ‘leaders without the title' have latched on to the profound reality that because they have influence, THEY LEAD."
--Dave Weber, national change agent
Institute Keynote
  • President''s Message: Commitment to the Growth of People (Kristine Stueve)
  • Executive Director's Report: In Student Success, Leadership Is Second Only to Teaching  (P. Fred Storti)
  • NAESP Report: The Twelve Online Resources of NAESP  (Mark French)
  • Legal News: Policies Have Advantage Over Statutes (Roger Aronson)
  • INVESTMN: Bits 'N PIeces (Shari Prest)
  • MESPA Institute 2013: Service Project
  • MESPA Institute 2013: Schedule
  • Best Practices: Providing Instructional Coaching  (Becky Gerdes)
  • Best Practices: Data and Professional Development  (Laura Cavender)
  • Best Practices: Instructional Leader Framework  (Dr. Tyrone Brookins)
  • Best Practices: Preparing Students for the Future  (Rae Villebrun)
  • MESPA Officer Elections, Meet Your Candidates
  • Olweus: Minnetonka's Public Schools Stand Up


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